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Lipolysis - Lipo Lab's Innovative Solution

By adopting German-origin raw material with the highest purity, Lipo Lab guarantees its safety & efficacy and enables clinics/hospitals to carry out more efficient and swift body-care programs. Lipo Lab has been designed and developed to stand a gamma-sterilized aseptic process under the pressure of 1,000 bars or higher, which eradicates the problem of storing it in the refrigerator and the risk of probable infection, but makes it possible to keep it under normal temperatures.

Lipo Lab PPC dissolves, destroys fat cells and exhausts them out of body through sweat, urine and internal combustion, which does not incur the so-called yo-yo’ phenomenon.

Technical ingredients

Sodium Deoxycholate
Sodium Hyalutonate

The whole process of dissolving fat cells is as follows

First, Sodium Deoxycholate destroys membranes of fat cells and lets Phosphatidyl Choline break in and dissolve fat cells. Secondly, L-Carnitine expedites to exhaust those dissolved fat cells out of body, and lastly, Sodium Hyalutonate maintains the elasticity of the parts where fat cells are removed and deters the resilience of fat cells thereinafter

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