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Meso Pri Meso Gun


(Wireless Meso gun )

Meso-Pri uses a rechargeable (lithium-ion battery), it is easy to navigate, and wireless and human thought can be combined with the structural stability of noise and recoil are not used ina scalp clinic. Also part of the wing lock due to a patent part extension procedure does not even have to worry about falling into a 1cc syringe.Meso-Pri the pain clinic, and automatic syringe injection and utilizing a various purpose.


  • Wireless electronic Meso-Gun
  • Everybody can operate easily by LCD
  • Availability of long time by lithium-battery used to laptop Computer.
  • Use of step motor to supplement accuracy that is shortcoming of general gear.
  • Ergonomics design that minimizes the noise.
  • Control NPG rate freely. (120inj/min. ~ 360inj/min.)
  • Six-injection velocity option that considers the safety.
  • Both beginner and expert easily available.
  • (passivity mode and automatic mode)
  • Available dry mode without drugs.
  • Syringe : Usage 1cc ~ 10cc per syringe
  • Available needle : 30G, 1/2 inch
  • Injection mode : 3 Modes (PPP, AUTO, NPG)
PPP: Continue
Auto: 1cc(0.05~0.30cc)
NPG: 1cc, 5cc, 10cc(Empty, 120inj/min.~360inj/min.)
Needle Depth: PPP Mode(1mm~10mm
Auto Mode(1mm~10mm)
NPG Mode(1mm~3mm)

Device Components

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