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Smallest volume, easier transportation, easier movement

Unique design with all sides of ventilation

High end "plug and play" handle

High end Mini machine with high energy output

The radiator is made from the copper

The Newest European style machine fit for different customers


    1. We use the best wave filter in the world---SCHAFFNER FILTER .So the machine has the most stabilized voltage supply.Very few suppliers have this.
    2. We use the top technic "Water and electricity integration “plug head. which import from Branded Company can make the machine working more stable.
    3. Our machine's surface is made of insulating materials which is more environment-friendly.
    4. For E-light,IPL series, Our machine with true gems on the hand-pieces which can make the light penetrating more power, energy more strong and get very good treatment result.
    5. 8.2 inch color touch screen operating, simple and convenience which make the machine humanization and looks elegant
    6. We use high quality power
    7. We use high quality Direct-current switch which produced in TAIWAN
    8. Water flowing alarm system: The equipment can work well under good water circulation, or seriously can damage some parts or machine; So an intelligent water flow alarm system is very important. If no water or little water inside machine, or bad water circulation, the machine will automatically stop working and make alarm at the same time. In this condition, it will protect the operator and machine at the first time.

Counter: count the flash number

Lamps: 100 000 shots guarantee under normal operation

Easy to administer with an ergonomic hand piece design;

With multiple exchangeable Filters to ensure easy and effective singular and combined therapeutic treatment;

Every Elegant IPL (E-light) hand piece is designed for maximum effectiveness with minimal patient discomfort.

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