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Brief introduction and work principle

Lipolaser Plus slimming system is specially designed for use during liposuction and for non-invasive body contouring procedure. The laser is applied externally and has proven through double blind clinical trials to emulsify adipose tissue.

The Lipolaser Plus slimming system is a low-level laser designed to get rid of body fat and shape and tone up the skin without surgery..

The Lipolaser Plus slimming system works by emitting cold laser energy into the body tissues; this energy is absorbed by the body fat, and the fat is broken down and then channeled out of the body. The laser virtually stimulates the break down and removal of body fat, without affecting the surrounding skin and tissues.


  • Body slimming (cellulite reduction and topical contouring)
  • Fat hoarding around abdomen and waist
  • Fatty buttocks
  • Leg obesity with cellulite deposit.
  • Fatty arms with skin laxity


  • No downtime
  • No incisions or marks from the treatment
  • No need to wear compression garments
  • Ongoing fat loss days and weeks after treatment
  • No reported side effects
  • Safe, comfortable and effective

Technical Specifications:

Laser Pad Illustration

Working interface Screen

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