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UDM Fast Slim

UDM Fast Slim Multiplication slimming systems


With collective strong sound wave head, strong sound wave of 40000HZ may be emitted to vibrate fat cells at top speed and produce numerous vacuum air pockets inside and outside the fat cells, robustly impact fat cells to generate introverted blast and disintegrate triglyceride into glycerol and free fatty acids. Then RF waves at frequency of 1MHZ are used. for exhausting the integrated glycerol and free fatty acids through circulation. Finally, vacuum RF and energy electrode are used for positioning and tightening fat. In physics, it is known as \"cavitations\". Micropore introverted blast inside and outside cell may lead to enhanced molecular motion and a higher energy level and this will finally cause fat cell rupture and thereby achieve the effects of body building and losing weight.

Functions Include

  1. Multi-polar RF (Tripolar, FACE RF, BODY RF)
  2. Vacuum RF
  3. 40KHZ Cavitations


  1. Painless treatment focus RF energy at the correct position, compared to other radio frequency technology .it uses low energy and high frequency, safe and effective.
  2. Aim at the skin surface and deep location, using a complex method to control the different currents and energy, direct access to the different skin layer. Does not cause the phenomenon of uneven skin.
  3. Selectively targeting fatty tissue, to avoid heating other fat, to achieve the fastest treatment effect
  4. The entire process is completed without the need of surgery and anesthesia.
  5. with the most useful 40KHZ ultrasonic cavitations system.
  6. Without side effects and the risk of gaining the weight back, the results are rather obvious. Does not affect the normal work and life.
  7. Color touch screen.

Technical Parameters

Power supply Input: 110V/220V 60HZ/50HZ

Power: 130W

40K Cavitations Hand piece:

Power supply output: 150V, Frequency: 40KHZ Power:25W

Vacuum Bipolar RF Hand piece

Power supply output: 66V, Freqeuncy:450KHZ, Power:95W

Body RF Hand piece

Power supply output: 66V Freqeuncy: 550KHZ, Power:50W

Tripolar RF Hand piece

Power supply output:66V ,Freqeuncy:450K HZ,Power:35W

Face RF Hand Piece

Power supply output: 66V Frequency: 450KHZ , Power:35W

Screen Interface Diagrams

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