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META TDS Electroporation

No needle Drug Delivery system For SCELL Solution


Utilizing the technic of Electroperation, THE META-TDS is the device putting exclusive Scell Solution under human skin without using needle.


  • New technology machine for Electroporation
  • Electroporation, Mesotherapy without needle
  • No pain therapy, No damage to skin
  • Direct result after one session of treatment
  • Combine treatment with other therapy
  • Combine physical and medical treatment possible

II.Characteristics of THE META-TDS

  • Not altering biological structure and function of cells,Elecroporation delivers DNA an other materials in to living cells as non-chemical method.
    The pictures below shows how Electroperation works better the intercelular route for absorption
  • SCELL Solution (SCELL Time Release,SCELL Radiance)

Stem Cell

Transdermal Delivery System(CE & KFDA)

Meta-TDS is designated to maximize electroporatioin efficiencies for the Transdermal Delivery System. Through a selected and specific current, ELECTROPORATION impulses lead to a temporary reorganization of the cellular membrane, allowing the creation of new channels through cells and the cellular membrane. These intercellular channels are called as electro pores, which facilitates the flow of water-and non water-soluble molecules.

The system temporary increases the permeability of the stratum corneum and of the sub layers of the skin. Meta-TDS can thus enhance the penetration of cosmetic solutions to skin tissues easily for passing the active ingredients through follicles, sweat gland and passages.

What is the Electroporation?

Electroporation is a phenomenon induced by the application on a biological surface of an electrical impulse capable to generate “electro-pores” inside the lipidic bi-layer of the cell membrane

Physical enhancement technique

  • Use the high voltage of 30-1,000V (with aesthetic purpose, it is restricted within 50V) for a short
    period (10ã ² to 100ms) in contrast to iontophoresis where a low voltage is used.
  • Make transient hydrophilic pores (aqueous pathways) across the skin barrier
  • (Electropore can vary in size from 40-250 ã›)
  • Allow the passage of macromolecules via a combination of diffusion, electrophoresis and electroosmosis.
  • Effective for the charged, neutral and even natural molecules, and larger molecules that have their MW up to 40,000 daltons


  • Face whitening, Brightening, Wrinkle care, Obesity, Scalp care, etc
  • Without skin damage, it help to penetrate functional solution
  • Simple to operate
  • No pain treatment


  • Input Power : AC 220V 50~60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 18W
  • Weight : 2.1kg ( Body Only )
    Frequency : 2001KHZ
  • Dimension: 220 (L) x 220 (W) x 100(H)mm

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